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Comcast Shells Out for NBC Primetime

Deadline.com had the story as Comcast execs, including CEO for NBC Universal Steve Burk, said the company plans to spend $200 million more on the Peacock's primetime plumage than GE did last year, and an additional $100 million on NBCU's cable networks. Burke replaced Jeff Zucker, much to the delight of everyone on the planet, when Comcast purchased NBC Universal in a deal finalized at the end of last year.

With Burke looking at roughly the same number of pilots as NBC ordered last season (21), we can hope this will mean higher production values, as well as more spent on marketing so people can actually see and hear about how well-made these new shows are. Otherwise Comcast will end up blowing a ton of cash, while everyone is still watching the other networks. So let's hope Burke is as good at spending money as he is at making it. With network upfronts starting next week and May sweeps already in full swing, this news may have a big impact on what NBC has to offer this fall.

Comcast has made no allusions to this being a quick fix, though, and now they're in for the long haul when it comes to returning NBC to its glory days at the top. For now their goal is simple get out of the bottom, as just taking the third spot amongst the broadcast networks would mean “hundreds of millions” in cash flow for the company.

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