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Comic Book Movie Night: The Mighty

Another day and it looks like another comic book getting the possible movie treatment.  The best part is that this vicious cycle will never end... and why should it?

It looks like Paramount Pictures has acquired The Mighty, a graphic novel published by DC Comics. Slow down, I know what you’re thinking. “It’s a DC book and DC properties go through Warner Brothers.” Well not this time nerd, because it’s creator owned, so in this case the creators own the rights.  Who are the creators? Why, Peter Tomasi (Brightest Day) and Keith Champagne (Armor X) of course.

The Mighty tells the story of Alpha-One, the world's most powerful super-being, who has always been a force for good, but Gabriel Cole, a cop who's life was saved by Alpha One as a child, has uncovered his hero's dark plan that will put them on a collision course of an ordinary man versus a super-man.  


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