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Comic Book Series I Would Like To See in 2013

The new year is finally here, and that means we can look forward to a new year of comics. I am sure in 2013 there will be a lot of new series announced especially with the Marvel Now and the New 52. Here are some titles I would like to see be announced in 2013:

A Pre New 52 Title

DC comics should make a Pre New 52 series. There are some characters that we still haven’t seen in the New 52 that could be in the series, like Donna Troy and Stephanie Brown. They could also tell one-shot stories that are all canon to the pre new 52. One month could be about Batman and the next can be about Superman. I know I would like to see some Pre New 52 stories. It could be an alternate universe title. Dc already has one of those with Earth 2. So, why not do one with the Pre New 52.

Spider-girl Mayday Parker series


This a series I don’t think will ever happen in the near future, but I would love to see it happen anyway. It would be nice to continue May’s journey. With the last issue, which was released in 2010, there were still a lot of doors open for possible storylines. With Wes knowing that May is Spider-girl would this make May’s life harder or easier? Is  Mayhem still alive? What other adventures can we see with May as Spider-girl?

Bat Family Series

One of the best things about the Death of the Family story arc is that we get to see the whole Bat family together. The Bat family has a certain charm to them all that I love to see when they are all together. Every character from the family brings something different to the table. So, how about if there was a series to see them always interact. I think it would be a very fun series to read every month.



Most people have been begging for Stephanie Brown to return. So, maybe 2013 will be the year for her to make a return to the DC universe in the New 52. If we do get a Spoiler series I hope that Tim and Stephanie still have their past together because I always liked their relationship. Also Brian Q. Millar would have to be the writer. He did a great job with Batgirl. That series made people fall in love with Stephanie Brown’s character.


Wasp and Ant Man

I don’t know if many people know but Janet Van Dyke has made a return to the Marvel universe in Bendis’ final pages of his Avengers run. I feel like not many people know about this because there was not really any big news about her return. So, I hope they make her return worth while by letter her and Ant Man have their own series This would be especially great since the Ant Man movie is coming out in 2014. 

Tell me what series you would like to see in 2013 in the comments below.


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