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Comic Book Theater Festival Extended

If you've been following our coverage of the Comic Book Theater Festival that is running in New York City right now, then you know that there are several pieces that we strongly recommended.  If you missed out on Galactic Girl, Batz, or The Bubble of Solace, then you have another chance to catch these nerd plays in July.

Galactic Girl in: Attack of the Starbarians!  Written & Directed by Jon Hoche  In a futuristic world reeling from a dark infinite civil crisis, Galactic Girl leads the charge in bringing peace and order to the cosmos. She’s the best at what she does with a booty that just doesn’t quit. Under the command of General Fu Fu, Galactic Girl journeys to the planet of Starbaria with her compatriot Pixel and new recruit Moxie-5 to capture the leader of the savage Starbarians. Unexpected obstacles lead team Galactic Girl on a wild ride. Come see Galactic Girl in: Attack of the Starbarians, a Sci-Fi adventure jam-packed with hot girls, great fights, dances breaks, laughter, and so much more. Wed 7/6 @ 7pm.  Read Player Affinity's review
The Bubble of Solace Written & Directed by Jeff Lewonczyk  A.J. has his dream job—running a comic-book shop that doubles as a shrine to all of his favorite obscure classics. It doesn’t even matter that no one else shares his obsessions—when he closes the doors at night, his immersive relationship with his favorite titles makes the rest of the world disappear. But with his shop in jeopardy, he finds that the stories no longer behave as expected, and he’s forced to reckon with his feelings about his equally odd mother, the pretty girl who runs the sex-toy shop next door, and a strange fan who possesses a secret about A.J.’s past. Sun 7/10 @ 8pm & Mon 7/11 @ 8pm.  See our review.
Batz Written & Directed by Josh Mertz and Erik Bowie One morning in a small office, a downtrodden employee arrives at his desk to find his computer broken. He discovers reading material at his desk, and starts to recite it aloud. At first his coworkers hardly notice. But after a series of strange coincidences . . . If you follow the New York theater scene, you may think you know where this is going. But, mix in classic Bat stories and a cast of harried office loons playing dozens of characters, and you’ve got a light-hearted tribute to the Dark Knight as you’ve never seen him! And it’s a lot shorter than six hours! Sun 7/17 @ 8:45pm & Mon 7/18 @ 8pm  Check out our review.  

You can see more about the festival on the Brick Theater’s Website.


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