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Comic Book Theatre Festival In New York

Hey comic book nerds, wanna get some culture in your life?  Yes, Graphic Novels are art, now set down the funnybooks and go to the Theatre.  But I'm not talking about boring theatre where people talk about their feelings and stuff.  I'm talking about theatre where men in capes fight crime, and hot chicks in spandex punch robots. In Williamsburg Brooklyn, the Brick Theater is hosting a month-long Comic Book Theatre Festival throughout June.  There's twenty different shows which range from plays about comic book fans, to action-packed science fiction as well as some more experimental pieces like multimedia jazz; and even as show performed in a van outside the theater. The Comic Book Theatre Festival runs from now until July first at the Brick Theatre in New York City.  Player Affinity will have reviews of the shows throughout the month.

See more about the festival at www.bricktheater.com.


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