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Comic Books That Should Become Movies

There are many comics that would be received well in Hollywood, or at least deserve a chance to become the next Dark Knight. These are the series that have the possibility of being transformed into great movies, but probably won't, as Hollywood is busy making Batman 27: Batman Meets Jigsaw (now there's a great fanfic idea). Swamp Thing A Jim Wynorski Film: The Return of the Swamp Thing Yes, there have been several Swamp Thing movies and a TV series, none of which have been terribly appalling, but almost all were cheesy B-movies. I remember before watching The Return of the Swamp Thing movie from the 80's ,I read the entire book novelization of the movie written by Peter David, and it was a creepy, horrific tale filled with suspenseful moments. Then I watched the film. Many of the plot points were the same, but the effects kept the film from being horrifying and it was instead a great sci-fi adventure. Now with the power of CGI at Hollywood's disposal and the popularity of the Swamp Thing series making the Green more streamlined, a sincerely terrifying movie would be a great addition to the comic book movie library. Usagi Yojimbo Usagi Yojimbo #10: Usagi attacking TMNT. A great series, Usagi has never been a movie. but has made appearances in the TMNT cartoon series. An animated film, or even a claymation film, would be a great option for this series and it could be directed at either kids or adults. And who wouldn't want to see a samurai bunny on the big screen and a possible TMNT reference for the fans? Starlord Starlord shooting off-panel. Another great character, Starlord would make an amazing and epic sci-fi adventure. There is the possibility for great stories, the possibility for visiting breathtaking visceral planets and the possibility to explore the great character that is Starlord and his talking ship. Batman Beyond Batman Beyond Return of the Joker Uncut Version Poster We have already been spoiled with a great animated Batman Beyond movie that also served as the first couple episodes of the Batman Beyond series and another featuring the return of the Joker. But seeing a live-action Terri McGinnis and an ancient Bruce Wayne will be more surreal if we could see them in the flesh. The future tech would also be a great opportunity for Hollywood to go wild with their CGI effects. Jonah Hex 2 Jonah Hex starring Josh Brolin. I am in the minority here, but I know at this point a sequel for Jonah Hex is unlikely and I think that's a shame. I have heard many people rag on the movie, and while there were some moments that dragged, I really enjoyed the film.  Despite being a comic, I enjoyed Jonah's power to speak with the dead, an ability he did not have in the comics. I would like to see another movie with Josh Brolin as Jonah. It would not even bother me if Meghan Fox returned, since her role in Jonah Hex was the only role she has ever been in (that I have seen) where she did not get on my nerves.  Though I would like to see a grittier film in terms of old-fashioned and realistic western gun-fighting rather than gat-grinding and crossbow shooting.  Not a greatly received film, but it really deserves a sequel. Spider-Girl Spider-Girl swinging over the streets of New York. We already know how well Hollywood can produce a web-slinging superhero, so why not a super heroine? Having the story of the original Spider-Girl, May "May Day" Parker would be great for both comic book fans and would show the character to many new future fans who enjoyed the Spider-man films.  Plus, they would still get to see the original as May's father and Mary Jane. The perfect film for movie-goers and comic book fans to enjoy. Icon Icon Black superhero movies are almost non-existent. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is "Meteor Man," a film that made its VHS debut in 1993. With so many great black superheroes, this is a huge missed opportunity, and what black superhero would be more interesting to see in a film than the super-strength of the alien Icon?  Not only would audiences be exposed to the rare black superhero movie, but young teenage girls could see his pregnant and unwed teenage sidekick who could become a great role model for young mothers. Alpha Flight Alpha Flight team shot: Marrina, Northstar, Sasquatch, Snowbird, Shaman, Puk, Aurora. We have a lot of X-Men movies, and what better way is there to introduce Alpha Flight?  The original members of Alpha Flight appeared in the X-Men comics first, so having them make a cameo in an X-Men film would be great, but a full movie would be better  Hugh Jackman could also portray Wolverine in the film, who was a somewhat important part of Heather Hudson's life and would be a great way to get more people to see an Alpha Flight movie. These are only a handful of comic book series that would make great remakes, sequels or entirely new franchises and there are many more. For other comics that would make great movies, check out the full features on Hack/Slash and Spawn 2 for speculated plot synopses and actors that could play the characters.


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