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Comic Chromosome – Iron Fist, Power Rangers, Providence

Welcome to the all-new, all-different, Comic Chromosome. We're going monthly and switching up the format with this episode, marking a new era in the life of this show! Each month will focus on a handful of topics, rather than just summary news and commentary. This first month brings you topics hand picked by your hosts Elvis Dutan, Mike Miersen, and Sarah Esker! Your hosts are taking a trio of their own devising: What went wrong with the Iron Fist show? What went right with the Power Rangers movie? And, lastly, ruminations on the finale of Providence. The Chromosome crew hopes that this new format works and if any listeners have any ideas for topics they'd like to hear discussed tweet us at @the_snickman and @FDSY on twitter! Disclaimer: Comic Chromosome does not reflect the beliefs or thoughts of Entertainment Fuse as a whole.


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