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Comic Chromosome – Marvel, Batman, and Deadpool

Welcome back to the All-New, All-Monthly Comic Chromosome, with your hosts Mike Miersen, Sarah Esker, and Elvis Dutan! Comic Chromosome is changing formats soon, so we'd  like to kick things off with an all-news round up. Possibly the biggest news round up the gang has ever presented. From everything ranging from Marvel Shows, DC Shows, upcoming show, movie news, and movie delays, this is an episode that gets right into the thick of it. Plus, get the trio's fresh takes on the recent Batman upheaval and what it means for the future of the "DCEU". And to our listeners, if you have any topics that you'd like to hear discussed when we hit our new format, please comment below or tweet us at @the_snickman and @FDSY ! Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions expressed on Comic Chromosome do not reflect or represent those of Entertainment Fuse as a whole.  


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