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Comic Chromosome – Spider-Man, Metal, and Mage!

It's time for the monthly dose of Comic Chromosome with Elvis Dutan, Sarah Esker, and Mike Miersen! Your trio of hosts are back once again to bring you some topics that cover the breadth of comic-related news. This month: Spider-Man Homecoming reviews, what we thought of the movie and why? Then, some ideas on DC's current "Metal" event from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Finally, wrapping it all up is a primer on Matt Wagner's Mage trilogy and some insights onto what to expect now that the final installments have begun! As always if you have any topics you would love to see covered on Comic Chromosome, then comment below or tweet @FDSY or @the_snickman! Disclaimer: All opinions expressed on Comic Chromosome are those of the hosts only and not representative of Entertainment Fuse or affiliates.  


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