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Comic-Con 2012 Movies: Resident Evil Retribution

September is two months away and with it will come Resident Evil: Retribution. Promising scale, zombies and more Milla Jovovich badassness, Hall H played host to director Paul W.S. Anderson, along with his stars Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez and Oded Fehr.

The panel opened with a special 3D trailer meant to convey that “Retribution” is taking the series global, as scenes were shot in Moscow, Tokyo, Washington D.C. and what sounds like the Artic (or at least a place that’s very cold). All in attendance, including the actors on the panel (who were viewing the 3D for the first time) agreed that the divisive technology looks good/cool for the set pieces Anderson has in store.

Few details on the actual plot (haha) came through, other than Jovovich confirming that her character Alice remains powerless as a result of events in the last entry, “Afterlife.” Otherwise, there were a lot of half answers (that Rodriguez was quick to point out) while Anderson spoke on the scale of “Retribution,” raising a few eyebrows stating that this is “the beginning of the end.”

“There’s an awful lot of death in it … no one’s really safe at this point” he’s quick to say. Which is funny, considering that death isn’t going to stop several characters from previous films, notably Rodriguez’s Rain, saddling up for round five. And while Anderson speaks on the “end” of the series, it doesn’t sound like it will be with “Retribution.” Jovovich (who is married to Anderson) made it known that he has already thrown ideas (and items) at her regarding a sixth film and that a solid ending to the series (or at least Alice’s story) is out there.

The only other aspect of the upcoming flick that was showcased was the fact that the climactic fight apparently lasts nine minutes and took “weeks and weeks” to pull off. After the fight in The Avengers taking nearly a half hour, however, this announcement sounds a little underwhelming.

Resident Evil: Retribution is set for release Sep. 14.


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