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Comic-Con 2012 Movies: Total Recall

Sony Pictures kicked off its presentation of three sci-fi films at Comic-Con 2012 with the fast-arriving remake of Total Recall. Director Len Wiseman said the film was finished as of four days ago, so everything shown was likely final.

Wiseman was joined by stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel and Bryan Cranston to discuss the film, but not before playing a six-minute reel featuring mostly trailer footage but some new material as well. The visual effects continued to impress, at least based on the reaction of all observers covering the panel.

Each panelist got a chance to speak substantially about the film and/or their work on it. Biel talked about her training for the role, which included boxing and parkour, while Beckinsale talked about how her character is a combination of characters from the 1990 film, not just Sharon Stone's role as "the bad wife." Considering Wiseman is her husband, there was plenty of joking about Wiseman casting her in the role and being a "bad wife." Farrell chimed in saying that Beckinsale initially thought they were remaking Basic Instinct.

Cranston talked about his hesitation in playing a character that has been played before, but Wiseman really sold him on his vision for the film. Wiseman described it as a mystery first and foremost, which is what attracted him to the idea of helming th remake.

Farrell took a jovial approach to the panel. Whe he was asked about whether he thought about doing his Irish accent, he said he entertained the idea of an Austrain accent in homage to original Dennis Quaid, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said it lasted all of about seven minutes. When the audience pushed him for it, he did not give in. He later talked about how Quaid was not too much of a challenge because he really identified with the character. Quaid is in a state of shock for the entire film and does not know who he is, which Farrell said has been the case his entire life.

The panel ended with Wiseman discussing the love story between Farrell and Biel, and how challenging it was to work that in with all the chaos of the story.

Total Recall is shaping up to be another August surprise if it looks as good as everyone says it does. We'll find out Aug. 3.


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