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Comic Con International – Booth Babes and Cosplay Saturday

Well too celebrate Comic Con being a week ago today we've got the final set of photo's from Saturday's events. Plenty of people dressed up of course booth babes. Hopefully everyone enjoyed Thursday and Friday's (Part 1 and Part 2) photo's and trust me, Saturday is going to be a real treat. For the first photo you'll see a man who is the embodiment of Cosplay at comic con. He's a man who... gets it, as Kevin put it. Also you'll see Kevin on the right and my brother Colton on the left.

So let's start it off with the best Batman of the Con.

Comic Con - Batman and FriendsWhoo! This one is a personal favorite. Nothing like the Lantern Corps teaming up.
Blue, Green and Red LanternsFreddy vs Jason and we've got a winner!
Comic Con - Freddy Vs JasonThanks Robert Rodriguez, now I can't even make a Predator 2 joke without feeling topical!
Comic Con - PredatorI think I've been pretty good about labeling every photo accurately, but this one... no idea. I mean none, what so ever.
Comic Con - Anime GirlsNext up some Disney Princesses and also you can see Gir in the background... I didn't feel like chasing Gir down so too bad!
Comic Con - Disney PrincessesWhooo! Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman's boyfriend was Ash but he wouldn't turn around so no picture!
Comic Con - Wonder WomanIt's good to see people not shying away from complicated costumes like WAR MACHINE! This one's for Neil by the way.
Comic Con - War MachineI had to use Google Goggles for this one... still no help.
Comic Con - Something AnimeYou're welcome for this Black Widow photo. There was some asshole with a video camera running interference in front of her and I only got this when he started filming the growing crowd around her. In other words it was annoying but all for you at home!
Comic Con - Black WidowFor anyone who thought I was just a pervert this Riddler was passing by the Black Widow and I ran over to get his photo too.
Comic Con - The RiddlerTwo generations of Wonder Woman equals bad ass! Also the My Name is Earl moment is free so enjoy.
Comic Con - Two Generations of Wonder WomanThe Orge and his friend BP Aquaman... or Black Lantern Aquaman.
Comic Con - Orge and AquamanBooth Babes Break!
Comic Con - Couple of Booth BabesTied with Girl Flash for best booth babe is Girl Green Lantern (They were at the same booth)
Comic Con - Green Lantern Booth BabeCobra Commander's got a posse!
Comic Con - Cobra Commander and companyChun-Li was a good sport until Kevin and Colton decided to jump in behind her...
Comic Con - Chun Li and companyGreat, thanks Grant Morrison for the bad costume designs. And yes I know he didn't actually design the costumes.
Grant Morrison X-MenIt was hard to get a photo of Rescue, Tony Stark and the Stark Expo girl solo so enjoy the random woman in the photo.
Comic Con - Rescue Tony Stark Expo GirlThere was a lot of repeating costumes this year so enjoy another Jean Grey!
Comic Con - Jean GreyThis poor Supergirl was being made to pose over and over by some perverted old man... Yes, I took a photo as well.
Comic Con - SupergirlBlack Canary? I think?
Comic Con - Black CanarySnake! Snake! Hey Solid Snake here.
Comic Con - Solid SnakeJust before my camera died I snapped this amazing alternate costume Morrigan from Darkstalkers... enjoy!
Comic Con - MorriganWell that's it for my Saturday photo's but we've still have more to come from Kevin and no duplicates... except for when we ran into Morrigan again!


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