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Comic Con International – Friday Cosplay and Booth Babes Part 2

Here we are again with Cosplay Friday and Booth Babes. Friday had quiet the variety of Anime, Comics and Movie cosplay giving us a bit of variety. Anyone who dresses up definitely deserves a pat on the back as there's almost always a feeding frenzy around them of people taking photos. The hilarious thing is that most people don't even know who the people are and so they won't take a photo until someone else does. For that I apologize to most of these people as I created a couple of frenzy's around them by taking their photo. Without further ado we begin part 2!

Starting off the second wave is Madame Masque which is pretty unique for cosplay
PAC Comic Con - Madame MasqueYet another unique costume comes to us as Patsy Walker Hellcat
PAC Comic Con - Patsy Walker HellcatWe'll finish up the Marvel train with X-23
PAC Comic Con - X-23Who likes Kingdom Hearts? Cosplayers do!
PAC Comic Con - Kingdom HeartsFrom the movie world we have GoGo from Kill Bill
PAC Comic Con - GoGoFrom Adult Swim's Venture Bros. comes Dr. Henry Killinger
PAC Comic Con - Dr. Henry KillingerHere's some more Iron Man 2 action with Whiplash and Black Widow
PAC Comic Con - Whiplash Black WidowA for effort for this next one, it's the Blue Devil
PAC Comic Con - Blue DevilThe master of the mystics Dr. Strange
PAC Comic Con - Dr. StrangeFinally we have a triple threat of White Queen, Wonder Woman and probably Madam Pryor aka the Black Queen
PAC Comic Con - White Queen Wonder Woman Black QueenCats anyone?
PAC Comic Con - CatsThis is only slightly better than Tron guy
PAC Comic Con - TronWhoo! More Venture Bros rogues!

PAC Comic Con - Venture Rogues
And lastly we finish it up with Batman taking a beating
PAC Comic Con - Batman Beat Down
Be sure to tell us who your favorites are and feel free to ask us about any of the characters you're not sure about. Check in later in the week when we begin presenting Saturday's photos which will more than likely be in three parts there's that many photos!


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