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Comic-Con Movies 2011: Knights of Badassdom

Knight of whatnow? Let me tell you a bit about this intriguing IndieVest Pictures project. Directed by Frozen helmer Joe Lynch, Knights of Badassdom stars Steve Zahn, Firefly’s Summer Glau, Games of Throne’s Peter Dinklage and Saw’s Ryan Kwanten in a film about a group of live action role-players LARPers (think the dudes from Role Models) accidentally summon a succubus from the underworld. 

Some actual LARPers kicked-off the panel, which began with the film's trailer. Lynch then took the stage along with Kwanten, Glau and Dinklage and co-stars Jimmy Simpson (Date Night), Danny Pudi (NBC's Community), Michael Gladis (Mad Men) and Margarita Levieva (The Lincoln Lawyer).

Lynch described the film as primarily adventure with hints of horror, comedy and drama. He also said that LARPers were cast in the film and used as consultants to add authenticity to the film, so there's no intention of mocking. In fact, Lynch encouraged it when he said, “If one person after seeing the movie grabs a foam sword, then we’ve done our job."

Kwanten explain that his character, Joe, serves as an entry point to the LARP world because he's new to the game and kind of skeptical. This naturally injects some humor while making the film less "weird" I suppose, for people who don't believe in adult role-playing. Glau's character serves as a love interest, of course. She plays a hot LARPer who also doesn't take it too seriously.

Dinklage then spoke about how his character, named Hung (for reasons he said would be explained on the DVD), is much different than Tyrion, the part that's given him some serious notoriety in Game of Thrones. The rest of the cast spoke about their characters as well. Many of them are characters who take the LARP world very seriously but don't always play fair. Gladis, who plays the more benevolent Red King, said the real LARP extras on set were terrific and are "the soul of the film."

A clip then played of Hung training Joe, who gets a bit distracted by Glau's character, resulting in "double-sword action" and a fake decaptiation.

Lynch also mentioned that the soundtrack of the film will feature a lot of heavy metal music and for the score, metal will be used by none other than geek fan-favorite, Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galatctica).

Knights of Badassdom has no official release date but is expected in the early portion of next year. Thanks to Collider for the coverage.



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