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Comic-Con Movies 2011: Snow White and the Huntsman

Universal is set to start filming its version of the age old story of Snow White. "Its" refers to the fact that it's one of a few "Snow Whites" in prduction. Rupert Sanders (director), Joe Roth (producer) and Evan Daugherty (writer) hit the stage ahead of actors Kristen Stewart (Snow White), Charlize Theron (The Evil Queen), Chris Hemsworth (The Huntsman) and Sam Clalfin (Prince Charming).

The producers compared their movie to Lord of the Rings, an epic fantasy and adventure. They contend that the other Snow White production is a softer tale than they intend to tell and that the movie will not suffer from redundancy.

Director Rupert Sanders made light of his commercial career. Footage of his work was shown before he exclaimed he was “excited to lose his cinematic virginity” with this project though he had hoped to complete a war movie. Despite the change of genre, Sanders assured the audience there would be great action and explosions. Kristen Stewart was hesitant to play the character due to her extreme optimism, however she conceded thanks to her being given a sword.


Claflin also revealed a spin on his character; Prince Charming won’t be so charming in this version. After some chummy banter between the stars, footage revealed eight dwarves. It is immediately spoiled that one dwarf will be killed, but presumably you could do the math. All four cast members have their character shots revealed, with both Hemsworth and Claflin receiving obligatory catcalls. Stewart as Snow White is suited in armor while Theron’s Evil Queen is described as Lada Gaga. The biggest surprise of the panel however was a fan requesting Kristen Stewart’s Comic-Con badge to which the audience erupted in booing. Stewart offered to oblige but the request was denied.

Thanks to MovieViral for the live coverage.


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