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Comic-Con Movies 2011: Total Recall

Len Wiseman’s Total Recall has been drawing a mixed reaction leading up to this weekend's Comic-Con proceedings. Regardless, the remake 1990 sci-fi classic is happening and Wiseman, along with stars Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, John Cho and Kate Beckinsale all took the stage in Hall H to promote the upcoming film.

The project is still in the middle of production, but Wiseman threw together some rough footage, mostly action-oriented, for the audience to see. Although fairly rough footage, the audience seemed to respond well: comparisons to Equilibrium kept popping up. Even dissenters of Wiseman (and he has enough in this audience) seemed impressed with what was seen. Most of the action looks to be a balance between CG and on-hand props/set action.

Not much was revealed in the story that isn’t already known. It’s a remake after all, and they haven’t even finished shooting. Cranston seemed to relish in his role as the villain Vilos Cohaagen; he described his going from good to bad in Breaking Bad, whereas he can “celebrate badness” in Total Recall. He also claims his menacing character seems to believe that he’s doing things for the greater good, so you know he’s insane! Not plaid with stripes insane, but you get the idea … now I want my name to be Vilos.

It couldn’t be stressed enough that everyone involved has a huge respect for the original and that they were not attempting to compete with it in any way. This is good as remakes (these days) can hardly ever compete, let alone match. Still, Wiseman’s 2012 remake has raised a few eyebrows around Hall H, so time may tell.


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