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Comic Con Movies: Battle: Los Angeles Panel

Sony’s Battle Los Angeles has gone from zero to hero in no time at all following a revelatory panel at Comic Con. Right off the start, they launched into an action-heavy extended trailer showing a platoon of marines duking it out with an invading alien species in downtown L.A. Explosions, alien weapons and gunfire was the name of the game. You would not be blamed if you barely noticed Aaron Eckhart amidst the shrapnel and destruction.

Jonathan Liebesman (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) directs the project which also stars Michelle Rodriguez. Like a number of recent sci-fi films, Battle: Los Angeles uses a “based on true events” angle in a first-person shooter style (“Halo” may have been mentioned) and is reminiscent of a Black Hawk Down meets District 9.

The panel revealed that this is not so much an “alien invasion film” as a war movie with aliens in it. The plot jumps off from actual 1940s UFO "sightings" before fast-forwarding to the present day invasion. Liebesman promised aliens that look like aliens (apparently he knows something we don’t) not like humans, bugs, reptiles, etc. that also employ high-tech weaponry as well as a ranked military force (with medics) to do battle with humans.

Here are the first high-res images of the film!


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