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Comic Con Movies: Drive Angry Panel

Patrick Lussier follows up My Bloody Valentine 3D with Drive Angry 3D, an action film for Summit Entertainment. Lussier attended the panel, with Nicholas Cage (Kick-Ass), Amber Heard (Never Back Down) and William Fichtner (Heat). The basic plot is the Cage plays a father who seeks revenge against the men who murdered his daughter, and obviously goes about it in a very violent way.

The first clip of the panel featured Cage's character, who is apparently from hell and has a serious bloodlust. Apparently he shoots a car and blows it up; one of many cars that would blow up in later clips. Lussier then introduced a three-minute clip action clip with Cage, Bullitt-style action, explosions and Heard acting the tough girl while showing plenty of leg, and all in 3-D, of course. The clips were also not shy on the violence and it's important to note there is a supernatural element to the film. The always recognizable Fichtner plays a man trying to bring Cage back to hell. There was also an exchange between Fichtner and Cage about a machine gun called "The God Killer." Pretty bizarre stuff, but fun, probably.

Lussier stated that the film was shot in 3-D, and did not going through the 3-D conversion process which has failed to impress just about everyone. The director also said he is not going to hold back with the 3-D action and allow things to fly towards the audience. Cage said that he took the role partially for the challenge of working in 3-D for a director who is a "purist" in terms of using the medium.

The panel was short, but there was a sense that this film is intended to be for people who love the macho-man car films of the '60s and '70s. Heard, for example, drives a '69 Charger. And apparently, all the actors got to do most of their own stunt driving. So expect over-the-top in every and all circumstances.

Barring any changes Drive Angry will be released in February next year.


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