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Comic Con Movies: Resident Evil: Afterlife Panel

Paul W.S. Anderson, Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, and Wentworth Miller were on hand to talk about the latest sequel in the longest running video game adaptation: Resident Evil: Afterlife. The panel was short on spark or new revelations. The movie was actually filmed in 3-D but you couldn’t tell from the trailer and clips; both lacked depth.

The trailer introduced the cast and crew. Director Paul W.S. Anderson said he really began to believe in 3-D technology after seeing it used in Avatar. Larter joked that “The Phantom,” the camera used in Avatar, was quite the diva, considering it would not cooperate in extreme temperatures.

Footage of Jovovich and Larter fighting The Executioner failed to wow. The sequence was described as being too slow even for slow motion and both contrived and cheap looking. Most of the action was done on a green screen, though somehow Jovovich managed to shoot and obliterate a costly camera. The latest film, primarily based on Resident Evil 5, will be released in September.


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