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Comic Con – Preview Night

Comic Con 2010 finally begins! Those who were able to purchase a 4 day pass were given the option of attending preview night. An opportunity to be the first to grab free swag and check out the show room floor. Kevin and I were in attendance so were going to walk you through our trip around the show room.

Dustin - Knowing that the movie and video game booths are always crazy the first night I tend to avoid those booths so I started at the comics. Over at Marvel's booth they have Odin's thrown as their set piece. It was huge and golden with Joey Q Marvel's CCO standing upon it! It was quite the show stopper. At DC's booth Morgan Spurlock stopped by and chatted with attendees. Morgan is currently making a documentary about Comic Con so his attendance is a no brainer. The big surprise for me was the amount of fans and people at the Oni Press booth. With the release of Scott Pilgrim Vol 6 this week it was no surprise that travelers would stop by to pick it up, but the line wrapped three times to meet the Creator and purchase the book. Other booth's had there typical set up and usual displays, but the location of several booths were re-organized to group like items together (i.e. more comic companies side by side, toy companies altogether). One things for sure it was a much larger event then in previous years. It honestly felt like a normal day of waiting in lines and too many people to walk through. Still a fun night to be had.

Kevin - I actually got a chance to play Gears of War 3. Now the horde mode allows you to play as the Locust! This includes a slew of different Locust soldiers with some new additions. In this version you're trying to take out cog soldiers to get to the next wave. Avoid the Bermuda Triangle also know as Hasbro, Toynami, and Mattel. These three toy juggernauts are all side by side creating a vacuum of nerds and backing up all of the aisle ways. DC Directs statues and figures were beautiful as usual with a stunning group of Adam Hughes inspired figurines, including: Batgirl, Power Girl and Super Girl.

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Preview Night


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