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Comic-Con TV 2011: The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

The cast and crew of the hit AMC series arrived at Comic-Con to a horde of fans salivating for news on The Walking Dead's second season. The panel drew in both the television and comic fans in attendance at the annual convention in San Diego -as well as anyone there with a love of zombies. In addition to hearing the series discussed, those lucky enough to actually get a seat for the panel were first to see the trailer for the second season.

From the opening shots its clear the situation has only worsened for the characters struggling to survive in a world where the undead walk the earth. In a series not short of edge of your seat moments; the second season seems to be following right along in that tradition. New and old footage combine to build suspense, and hype up fans who have already been anticipating the series' return.

The preview came along with the news that the second season of The Walking Dead would be premiering on October 16. It will again be a part of AMC's Fearfest lineup. The series will continue to air on Sundays, but is being bumped up an hour earlier to air at 9PM EST.


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