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The Perfect Christmas Wish List for Comic Fans – 2012 Edition

Confused about what to get your special someone for Christmas? If they are a comic book aficionado, there are a ton of sites that offer great products.  But which are the best bloodsuckers, sucking the most out of your wallet but putting the biggest smile on your comic fan’s face this Christmas? Deadpool Pencil Cup Desk Accessory Deadpool Pencil Holder Stick your pencils into the merc with a mouth’s head! Don’t worry, he’s immortal so he won’t die – he just might feel a slight tingle! Deadpool is cast in high-quality polystone and is the first in Gentle Giant’s line of Marvel desk accessories that can serve as more great presents for Marvel lovers. He also comes with two shuriken-shaped erasers and a plastic arrow that you can stick a pencil in to make it look like he’s been shot by an arrow and pierced by some shuriken! Poor Deadpool, we just love to hurt him! I love Deadpool and would be happy to put this on my shelf… the problem is this awesome present is an obscene $88.99 on Amazon… and that’s 11% off! …maybe the Deadpool Deformed Pencil Eraser Topper would be a better choice at $2.77… if it's not sold out. CBLDF Signed Comics CBLDF Until December 12th, the Comic Book Legal Defense fund is offering signed comics to fans – for a steep price of course.  But that’s not only for the signature, but also the comic or graphic novel.  Get From Hell signed by writer Alan Moore, or get a Sandman graphic novel by writer Neil Gaimen. Or how about Brian Woods signature on DMZ? Plenty of great, award-winning writers, and you can have your Jon Hancock for Christmas – and let your received know you supported a good cause since the proceeds from these comics will go towards the first amendment rights of comic book creators! For more details about these comics, read my news story Go Holiday Shopping with CBLDF. Comic Cubes Comic Cube Are you tripping over your comic-fans books when you come over?  Here’s a solution that will not only make their house safer, but also make them one happy comic book collector! These Comic Cubes are perfect for storing comics.  Each cube can hold up to 150 comics – and that includes bags and boards – for as “little” as $70 to $1,820. But this is a major step-up from a cardboard box.  These cubes are handcrafted and don’t require a video to assemble them because no assembly is required! Though the plastic ones, while less resilient, are also less likely to burn a whole in your pocket… Find out more at the official Comic Cube site. Subscription to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited  Marvel Digital Subscription Stamp Perfect for Marvel comic book fans (this includes Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America for you non-comic folk), you can purchase a subscription that will get your comic fan access to over 10,000 digital comics.  For once, the price is a steal compared to what you’d normally pay for 10,000 comics (at least $2.99 a pop… I don’t even want to calculate that!).  Pay $10 for a monthly subscription or about $60 for a yearly subscription here.       Key issues Batman Adventures #12 First Appearance of Harley Quinn Key issues are comics where an important event happens, like the first appearance of a well-established character. Find out who some of your comic fan’s favorite characters are – preferably the more obscure ones since Batman’s first appearance is definitely not something your average gift-getter can afford. But you’d be surprised what first appearances can go cheap. Getting a key issue looks great in a comic fan’s collection and will remind them of you – as well as the fact that you cared enough to listen to their interests. These are just a few great gifts that, while having the potential to be expensive, can also be very sentimental gifts for a comic book fan. Just remember: it’s the thought that counts! Good luck with all your holiday shopping! Tell me in the comments what you got (or are getting) someone for Christmas! Ho ho ho from DC Comics' Characters... again!


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