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Comic Miniseries ‘NonPlayer’ and ‘The Vault’ Getting Film Treatments

We’ve seen films about Batman, Iron Man, and most recently Captain America, but more obscure comics have slowly moved into some phase of development in hopes of finding a wider audience. Most recently NonPlayer and The Vault are currently vying to be made for the silver screen with the help of some powerful producers. Roy Lee and David Heyman are behind NonPlayer, while Johnny Depp and Graham King are looking to adapt Sam Sarkar’s The Vault.

The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog broke news on both adaptations. The six-issue miniseries Image comic NonPlayer sees a woman going back and forth between her dismal reality and her wondrous fantasy, the latter of which comes with an online game that sees her assume the role of a powerful warrior. However, these two worlds start to collide and she becomes a key. Check out Player Affinity's review of the first issue here.

The Vault miniseries will consist of three issues by its conclusion – the first of which just arrived this week – and focuses on divers who accidentally release an evil upon the world. “Vault” will begin under the production of Depp, King, Christi Debrowski, Depp and Tim Headington.

Depp has produced three films and headlined two of them. It wouldn’t be too surprising if he takes up a significant role – if not a leading one – in The Vault.


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