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Comic Sales Fall In July

Why are comic prices dropping? It's because there are too many comic books coming out. It feels a bit like Christmas season with so many choices.  Hopefully consumers will buy more after the September relaunch of DC. Marvel and DC are competing for market shares. What disappoints me the most is when sales start to drop, indie comic choices are reduced. Indie comics are the life blood of the industry. Some of your favortie creators started their success by writing indie genres. The real message here is get out and buy some damn comics! There are several 1st issues available like Punisher by Greg Rucka, Daredevil by Mark Waid and a whole slew of other DC choices.

ASM666-0.jpgJuly's #1 Issue is... Amazing Spider-Man #666! Way to go Marvel Marketing department!

Marvel and DC split the top ten comic books with 5 each. Marvel takes another seven spots in the top twenty. Sales were down 4.27% according to Diamond, who is the only source for major comic distribution. Perhaps their stranglehold on distribution might have something to do with it? Nah couldn't be. Graphic Novel sales were also down, while surprises like the Scott Pilgirm vol 1 where up. August looks to be as busy as July, so we'll see if comics are on the rise or the decline now that people aren't saving for Comic Con.


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