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Comics Legend Alan Moore Wrote a Short Film Series

It is no secret that legendary comic-book writer Alan Moore has low opinions of the film industry and has disowned or been highly critical of all the adaptations of his work to date. But now, Moore has joined the dark side and is writing a series of short films, his first venture into screenwriting.

The British newspaper The Guardian reports Moore will be writing a series of “occult, noir flecked” shorts titled Show Pieces for photographer Mitch Jenkins to direct, and they are set to be a “multi-layered, multi-episode narrative." The first, Act of Faith, which stars British TV actress Siobhan Hewlett (Sherlock, Torchwood) has recently been shot in London and second one, Jimmy’s End, will start shooting later this summer in Moore’s home town of Northampton.

Both Act of Faith and Jimmy’s End will premier in New York in October and then be available to stream online through The Creator’s Project.


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