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Masters of Horror Wes Craven and Steve Niles Team-Up

This year masters of horror Steve Niles and Wes Craven are teaming up for the first time ever. The duo have scared many people with their work (mostly in a good way) and are coming together this year to create a graphic novel, Coming of Rage. Coming of Rage was first announced back in 2010. But the rage doesn't stop there. Liquid Comics are planning on adding digital elements to the comic for iPads and iPhones and it's been confirmed that the producer of Live Free or Die Hard and the CEO of Liquid Comics Sharad Devarajan are planning on turning Coming of Rage into a movie. The five issue mini-series is about a teenage boy born into a family of vampires. However, he doesn't know his family are vampires until a bar fight which leads to him making two new friends: a girl who is a zombie amd a guy who is a werewolf. The three bond over the fact that they each have one human parent and are soon facing off against the world with only each other to rely on. Yes, all your classic monsters are meshed into one title and are working together. I'm sure there will be a barrage of gore and suspense. Wes Craven: Coming of Rage If you don't know who Wes Craven is you're not a horror fan. He began as an adult film maker with Sean Cunningham (the director of Friday the 13th) and went on to direct several classic horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, The Hills Have Eyes and Scream. Coming of Rage will be the first publicized work since Wes Craven's partnership with producer Arnold Rifkin of Liquid Comics. Wes Craven wrote the outline of the mini-series with Steve Niles, a renowned comic book and novel writer who's written 30 Days of Night, Transfusion, Pieces for Mom: A Tale of the Undead, Coraline and much more. Steve Niles is writing the first drafts of all the issues. Coming of Rage will be released this year by Liquid Comics as a five issue mini-series and graphic novel.


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