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Community is Officially Returning!

The chairman of NBC Entertainment, Bob Greenblatt, has officially stated for the first time that cult hit sitcom Community will return to complete its third season. When the show was pulled back in November, statements were released that vaguely suggested that the show would be returning “at some point in the future,” but based on past experiences with similar statements, the internet was largely distrusting. 

"I want to dispel any notion that [Community is] just quietly disappearing from the schedule," Greenblatt told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour today. "I failed to explicitly say it will be back." Greenblatt's insistence that the show will be back should soothe fans of the comedy, but he was fairly vague when questioned about the possibility of a fourth season for the show. 

Greenblatt’s non-committal response was simply "Fourth season, I don't know. Those are really hard questions to answer at this point.” “I'm really curious to see what something else will do [in Community's time slot]," he added. "We have a really tight schedule with comedies."


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