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Pop Pop! Community Gets a Season Six Promo

"“Ratings? Where we’re going, we don’t need ratings.”"
Human Beings, rejoice! The latest promo for the resurrected Community is sure to build up anticipation for the upcoming season. No, there isn’t any new footage in the video, however it counts down to the launch of the “world’s first bionic show” and takes a wonderful look back on all of its seasons (yes, even the gas leak year). It is a celebration of everything that made Community one of the weirdest, boldest, and most beloved comedies of recent television history. Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tR3fL7sEwQs#t=147 We can’t wait to see what the Yahoo Screen version of the show will be. We’d like to think that the promo’s promise of a “better, stronger, faster… more awesome” program will come true, but it is hard to know how it will all pan out. There haven’t been any details released about the new season, only that it will be coming out sometime after December and it is unclear if all the cast members will return. The show’s Comic-Con panel had a diminished cast presence with only Gillian Jacobs, Joel McHale and Jim Rash in attendance and it seems that concrete deals have yet to be made. In a recent interview with The National Post, Alison Brie, who plays Annie Edison, when asked about the series’ sixth season said “It’s hard to get details from anyone just yet. The whole thing is just still in the works right now.” Hopefully the powers that be will be able to lock down the cast in time for production, whenever that is. Are you looking forward for more Community?


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