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Con Swag: Dark Horse Style

If you've never been to Comic Con then you'll be in for a surprise as you're handed a ton of free stuff. Unfortunately most of that stuff is total crap that you'll never use or find a place for in your collection of, well, crap. Dark Horse has some pretty sweet offerings this year so you'll want to swing by their booth and grab awesome items like the Hellboy Mask, Dark Horse character buttons and other very cool things.

From Dark Horse:

, The Goon, and Mass Effect trifolds complete with paper dolls
Conan, Domo, Buffy, Angel & Faith, The Guild, Clamp, The Goon, Star Wars, B.P.R.D., and Criminal Macabre buttons
—A Drifters/Gate 7 flip poster
—The ever-popular Hellboy mask
—A picture of yourself in your favorite comic(s) at our Deluxe Green Screen wall
Falling Skies pins at the Falling Skies Green Screen event (see schedule)
—And tons of free comics and more!
And more:

—Exclusive Knight Errant print at the Star Wars panel
—Miniprint of Steranko’s Dark Horse Presents #3 ultravariant cover at the DHP panel
—Limited print of our reveal wall at the Reveal panel
—Limited Conan poster at the Rose McGowan signing
—Limited print of an exclusive new project at the Menton3/Reynolds panel







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