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The Conjuring 2 Review

"The Conjuring 2 does the impossible which is provide a sequel even more entertaining than the first"
The Conjuring 2, by horror sequel standards, should not be a good movie. The first Conjuring was wildly successful, and although it did not break any new ground for horror genres, it still stands out as a solid, well-made film. In spite of all, a sequel was not exactly necessary (example: Sinister 2).  I am happy to say, that I was very wrong, because this movie was one of the most entertaining that I have seen this year. The Conjuring 2 takes another page from the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), who have received quite a bit of backlash from the public from the Amityville cases that they worked on, causing so much stress that Lorraine does not want to do any more work for the church. Little do they know, that their biggest challenge is still awaiting them, this time in South London. Screen-Shot-2016-03-26-at-3.48.39-PM A single mother and her four children have been so plagued by household disturbances that they have contacted the press in order to attract the proper help. The second oldest child, daughter Janet (Madison Wolfe) seems to be the focus of all of the attention being that she is the one that targeted the most by the spirits. The word finally gets to America, and the church contacts Ed and Lorraine, who are still reluctant to get involved because of their unresolved marital issues due to their past cases.  After the pastors present their evidence, the Warrens agree to fly to London in order to observe and report. After staying with the family for a short period, the Warrens immediately take a liking to them but they are still not completely convinced that the disturbances are of a supernatural nature, but events take a turn for the worse and the Warrens must trust their instincts so the family is kept from further harm. MK1_5074.dng The Conjuring 2's plot is not necessarily revolutionary, but the characters as well as the plot's elements help make this movie fascinating. This is not a well off family who have the best resources at their disposal to ensure their safety, its a poor family who lives in public housing who have to be chastised on public television in order to attract help. Ed and Lorraine are not only good at their jobs, but the foundation of their success is the fact that they have so much love and trust in each other. They do not enter London like bad asses ready to expel every demon imaginable, there are tests, doubts and convincing evidence presented that this all could be a hoax. Although this is based on a true story, based on the photographs and audio presented at the end of the film as well as the brilliant performances from all of the actors, its a little hard to believe that this film was not a direct re-enactment of the events from 1977. The Conjuring 2 is so well paced and written so well that you will at times have to remind yourself that many of the events were embellished for dramatic effect. It is not a film that will chill you to the bone, but if you give in and let yourself believe, it will. Because of this The Conjuring 2 is probably up there as one of the best horror sequels of all time.
  • Well Paced
  • Great Performances
  • Well Written
  • Tad too long


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