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Console Exclusives We Want on PC: inFamous

Each year more and more games are being released in a multi-platform format. While console exclusives sell game systems, more multi-platform releases mean that you don’t have to go out and buy a new console just for that one killer app. Unfortunately, it’s becoming too frequent for publishers to overlook a PC version when they release multi-platform games and this can lead to PC gamers missing out on some awesome games.
When it was released in 2008, inFamous was put up and compared against another open world game Prototype. Which, while it looked similiar to inFamous, was actually a very different game. One of these differences was that multi-platform Prototype got a PC version while Playstation 3 exclusive inFamous didn’t. 
In inFamous you play as Cole MacGrath, a bike messenger who wakes up in the epicenter of a massive explosion that has devastated his home, Empire City. Things then take on a comic book feel when Cole gains electrifying superpowers. It’s then up to the player whether to use these powers to help people or hurt them as he tries to repair the damage done by the explosion and understand what caused the explosion in the first case.  

Why It Would Work On PC:

inFamous was praised for its stellar graphics which really showed off the world that Sucker Punch Productions had created. With the power of modern PC’s the visuals could be scaled to far higher levels. The power of modern PC’s can also heavily reduce load times or any other technical issues like texture pop-ins. The third person zapping combat of inFamous could also be made much more enjoyable with the accuracy of the mouse and keyboard control scheme that the PC has. In general, inFamous would work on the PC because everything that the PS3 does technically, the PC can surpass it in order to give PC gamers a more polished experience.

What Exclusive Content Would It Have:

Well if there’s one thing PC gamers love to hold over their console gaming friends its mods. If modders got into modding inFamous I’m sure PC gamers would get all sorts of cool content such as skins for cole, new characters to play as, new powers to use and possibly even a multiplayer add-on to bring in an element that the PS3 version would never have. Just look at the PC version of GTA: San Andreas and you can see the sheer amount of content modders can add to a game.

Because Sucker Punch has been exclusively making games for Sony Consoles since the PS2 days, it is unfortunately likely that PC gamers won’t get their hands on a PC version of Cole’s debut game. On the other hand, Mass Effect 2 was an exclusive that recently made the jump to Sony’s platform and its not entirely out of the question that inFamous or its upcoming sequel could eventually make it to the PC.

If you can’t hold out for a PC version, inFamous 2 will be coming to PS3 on July 7th 2011.


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