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Console Exclusives We Want On PC – Red Dead Redemption

Yeah, PC games tend to be very awesome, with better controls, better graphics, and better communities. Sure, the power of our gaming machines far outmatches the consoles too. However, there are definitely some games out there that we want very, very, badly. The problem? They're only on consoles, even if we feel they would be perfect for the PC. We may even be promised a PC version only to have it cancelled at the last second for some games. 

Red Dead Redemption was one of the best games of 2010, and managed to receive several Game of the Year awards. Red Dead Redemption is set in 1911, a transition period in the United States when the wild frontier was being replaced by industry in the West. You play as John Marston, a former gang member forced by the government to hunt down his old allies in exchange for his family. This being a Rockstar game, it's essentially Grand Theft Horse, but it's well done, and the combat is vastly superior to that of Grand Theft Auto IV. Red Dead Redemption gives players a huge world with plenty of content, a great story, a Western atmosphere unique to video games, and a plethora of multiplayer options. 
Why It Would Work On PC

Red Dead Redemption would be great for the PC in terms of control and graphical capability, something most console games would benefit from on the PC, but would be even better for Red Dead. First off, the graphics in Red Dead Redemption on the consoles are amazing, but the framerate could be less savory during cutscenes or intense action setpieces. On the PC, you could avoid those performance issues with a decent rig, or customize the graphics settings for the best experience. Also, the controls are begging for more buttons to push, making it ideal for a mouse and keyboard. In the console version, to switch weapons you had to resort to a radial menu. This could be given the Mass Effect treatment, and the radial menu could be replaced by hotkeys. The PC version could also receive the downloadable content for Red Dead for free like a Game of the Year edition, as nearly a year has passed. 

What PC Exclusive Content It Could Have

If you remember back to 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV, also developed by Rockstar, had plenty of PC exclusive content that would work well for Red Dead Redemption, too. A replay editor could add a lot of value to the port, if the usability and power was improved from the GTAIV version. Also, with the open world environment, modding tools could be added for players who wanted to create their own missions or variants of Red Dead. In fact, with the Strangers side missions in the game world, there's a perfect way to add in the best user created content. There could be a separate version of the game world available from the main menu, which would be full of Stranger missions created by the userbase. 
Now, we wouldn't be expecting a PC version of Red Dead Redemption just because we're smug. The fact is that Rockstar has released a PC version of almost all of their games, including their most recent project before Red Dead, GTAIV. The Xbox and PC have fairly similar system architectures as well, so it wouldn't be a problem to port the Xbox 360 version over to the PC. Hopefully Rockstar realizes the extra money they can make for relatively little effort, and gets started on a port. 

Need more convincing?  Here's Player Affinity's review of the XBox version. 


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