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Consoles Get Free Alice Game With Madness Returns

XBox and PS3 owners who buy a new copy of the upcoming goth girl action game Alice Madness Returns will get a download code for a free copy of American McGee's Alice, the first game in the series.  Unfortunately, PC gamers aren't so lucky, even though Alice originated on our platform.  The nice fellows at EA's marketing department had better come up with a way to rectify this intolerable situation quickly, or there will only be one solution: Off with their heads!

Sure, PC gamers who would like to try the first game can always just buy a used copy of American McGee's Alice on Amazon (For the low price of fifty dollars), but we deserve to get it free like those console fans when we cough up the full price for Madness Returns.   We can take a bit of consolation from the fact that only people who buy Madness Returns new for their console will get access to the free game, and we can be happy that they can only play the first Alice game if they have the Madness Returns disk in their console as well (To prevent trade-ins).  However, those of us who like to hear vorpal blades go snickersack on our PC's haven't gotten a downloadable version the game at all, even though it came out ten years ago.

If you own a console and want to try the first Alice game before deciding on Madness Returns, you'll be able to download it for ten dollars through XBox Live or PSN after the sequel launches on June 14th.  Check back with us later this week for our preview of Alice Madness Returns.  


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