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Content Update For Star Wars: The Old Republic

Have you already done everything there is to do in Star Wars: The Old Republic?  Well, if you feel that the amount of content Bioware's MMO had at launch is somehow insufficient, then you'll be glad to hear that there's already more stuff coming out for it less than a month after launch.

On Tuesday January 17 update 1.1 Rise of the Rakghouls will bring new content along with bug fixes and balance corrections.  KOTOR fans might remember Rakghouls as enemies from the first Knights of the Old Republic game, and now they back to fight players in a new Flashpoint.

Kaon Under Siege is a Flashpoint for Level 50 players, and charges teams of up to four with stopping a Rakghoul outbreak. 

Karagga’s Palace, is a continuation of the game’s second launch Operation where teams of 8 or 16 players will face off against Karagga and the Hutt Cartel. 

The next update is set for March.  Visit SW:TOR's website for all of the details on Rise of the Rakghouls.


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