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Cosmic Waves Needs Your Help!

The Internet is an incredible thing.  It used to be that if you can’t impress a publisher, you aren’t getting published.  Now, thanks to websites like kickstarter and fundanything, a dedicated person with the right amount of backers and a convincing enough business plan can get anything made.  So is the case with Cosmic Waves, an anthology of collected stories that existed in the 1990s, and which is currently attempting a comeback.   

If you were to pick up a copy of Cosmic Waves at your local comic shop fifteen years ago, you’d find stories within the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and horror.  These sorts of publications, even outside the comic book medium, have a long history of creating opportunities for lesser known writers and artists.  Before the Internet, if you were an aspiring writer with hopes of being published, you’d be submitting your stories to these sorts of anthologies. 


Before I say another word, here’s a link to Cosmic Waves’ fundanything page:

As is the case with these sorts of publicly funded projects, there are rewards that can be earned that vary based on the size of your donation.  For just ten dollars, you’ll receive a copy of the issue that you’re helping to fund, which you can then read with the satisfaction of knowing that what you hold in your hands couldn’t have been possible without your contribution. 

The goal is $3000.00, which will cover every stage of the publication process right down to distribution and shipping.  The hope is that this is the first of many issues to come, so if the goal is exceeded, those funds will go towards future issues and marketing.  If this takes off, as it certainly has the potential to do, they’ll likely start funding it privately.  So this is your chance to be a part of something big, an outlet for tomorrow’s great storytellers.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity. 


Drew Ford, the original publisher of Cosmic Waves, created the fundanything page and it’s clear he believes in what he does.  A publication that went out of print nearly twenty years ago is finding a modern audience, and a means to reach them, and it’s just one of many that have found new life in this networking age.


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