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Could main X-Man make an appearance in “Deadpool”?

Deadpool has yet to get the green light, but info on the proposed spin-off keeps making it's way out of Hollywood. According to Bleeding Cool (by way of the New York Comic-Con), the project will naturally feature a number of key players in Deadpool's background, with his Weapon X team being at the front and center. Further, the site claims that one of the X-Men will step forward to make an appearance in the project (and no, it is not Wolverine). If you would prefer to remain clean of details, look away now.


Cool has it that X-Man Colossus may play a role in the project that is far more than a cameo. Any fan of the franchise is well aware that Colossus has already made it to the big screen twice, being played by Daniel Cudmore (X2, New Moon). Fans will also tell you that in his appearances, Colossus has had next to nothing to do when it comes to the main story of the “X-Men” films. Cool's sources assure them that whatever form he takes, Colossus has more to do this time around than his previous incarnations.

This is all based on the assumption that the project will ever come to fruition. With no director signed, Fox is losing ground every day in keeping their main star, Ryan Reynolds, on board for the project, especially with his increased involvement with the DC/Warner Bros. collaboration of Green Lantern (sequels already in development). Combined with the recent announcement of R.I.P.D., numerous sources are reporting that Reynolds could potentially drop the project, which may put Deadpool in developmental hell for some time.

Robert Rodriguez, who has been the only name attached to the project as director, has also said recently that a second Sin City film -- if the right script is delivered on time this winter -- could be one of his forthcoming projects. This Rodriguez-Reynolds version could likely be dead already, but Deadpool fans remain hopeful.


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