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Could Sex-Bob-Omb Become a Real Band?

With Scott Pilgrim vs the World doomed to be an indie cult classic but the soundtrack destined to be another Juno hit. It makes me wonder if Sex-Bob-Omb -- the band Scott Pilgrim plays bass for -- can bridge that gap between fake band to real band. Sure there’s Spinal Tap and Eddie and the Cruisers (sort of) but what about something that’s closer to Sex-Bob-Omb… like Dethklok?

For the uninformed, Dethklok is the cartoon band from Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse. The hit animated show that’s heavily music based, soon spawned a CD which became the bestselling black metal album in history… which sounds more impressive than it actually is. At any rate this was a fake band that had real music and a following. Now Brendon Smalls and company tour around the country and have even put out a second CD.

The ground work for something like this has already been laid, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not a ton of work left to do to make it feasible. First and for most, creator Bryan Lee O’Malley would need to sign off on it. It would be a bigger pipe dream if he were to actually get involved in the creative process and help write music as well.

Sex Bob Omb Album PosterThe next big obstacle would be Beck’s involvement as well. The garage band sound he created for Sex-Bob-Omb is not instrumental in the fake band’s sound and really it’s what makes me personally desire for this to happen. Since Beck’s weird any ways he might be game for a crazy side project.

The big one for me is who do you get to be in the band? Obviously whoever sang in the movie would be the ideal choice, but that’s probably not going to happen. It would be awesome if Sex-Bob-Omb could release one CD that sounded just like the music from the movie and then fail miserably on tour when substitutes show up for the shows.

This idea will probably never happen, but I can’t think of a better property for it to happen to. Scott Pilgrim has heavy musical influences and that’s what makes it so unique as a comic and as a film. It would be a shame if we never got to hear more original music from Sex-Bob-Omb as the music was so striking in the movie that it made me pick up the sound track to listen to it some more.




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