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Could This Be the Next Batsuit?

We at Player Affinity love Batman, particularly the Nolan-verse. Fans are itching to find out news about the series their love and here’s potentially a big one: ComingSoon.net has released an image of this promo art of a new Batman costume revealed at the Licensing International Expo.

Of course any news about The Dark Knight Rises should be taken with a grain of salt because we know of Christopher Nolan’s ability to launch a misinformation campaign. We have even confused Hugo Strange’s appearance in The Dark Knight Rises with that in the upcoming game Batman: Arkham City. But it does make sense to give Batman a new costume, one to adapt against a new enemy, like he did in The Dark Knight. We often times get first looks in this off-handed way thanks to movie toys and such needing to know what the characters look like in advance of a film's release.

As we can see in the picture, the costume is a more grey color and the panelling is slightly altered. The actual art itself is reminded me of early art posters for Thor and Captain America.

How would you feel if Christian Bale donned this for next summer?



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