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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update

While console players will be getting their first real taste of the action Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has to offer, it is looking to be business as usual for experienced PC players.  The gameplay hasn't changed much since CS1.6 and CS:Source.  You still have Terrorist v. Counter-Terrorist matches and inventory is still purchased with cash earned based on your performance each round (kills and victories). 

The game is still brutal for newcomers and unintelligent players as health does not regenerate and it doesn't take many hits to die.  Running is punished with less accuracy and noisy footfalls that will alert your enemies to your presence.  Players familiar with the maps will know the points of contention.  Team communication and intelligent tactics will be a must for any chance of success.  Since there are no kill streaks or perks like Call of Duty, players have to rely on their teammates and the weapons they've brought to the fight.  For the less hardcore, there will be a Casual Mode that will grant you plenty of money to buy whichever weapon you fancy.

Game modes like demolition and hostage rescue are back as well as several maps.  Valve has confirmed: Dust, Dust 2, Aztec, Office, Italy, Nuke, and Inferno.  Some of the maps have been updated from Source while others remain largely unchanged.  Some new changes for the demolition maps are the "Defusal Kits" which speed up the bomb disarming process.  Where they used to be available for purchase at the beginning of a round, they will now be randomly assigned to 2 team members of the Counter-Terrorist team.  Also, while Valve is designing the game for a standard of 5v5, PC players will be happy to know that custom matchmaking will still be available for larger skirmishes.  Are you excited for CS:GO?


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