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Counter-Strike: Source On Mac Plus Update

Now is the time to get Counter-Strike: Source... I guess? Since Valve wants to work on everything else before it starts to work on Half-Life 2: Episode Three in earnest, they found themselves a little project to twiddle their thumbs with.

The update has been a long time coming. It was beta-tested a month ago and now the game's ready for its Mac launch and major update. Graphical upgrades, better leaderboards, cinematic killcams -- pretty much the stuff that came with Team Fortress 2, was retrofitted onto Day of Defeat: Source and now is being integrated onto Counter-Strike: Source.

It all also comes witha  66% discount, which isn't going to last too long, so hurry up if you don't have this game for whatever reason. If you're in that don't-have-this minority then you're a group comprised of 10 people, and that includes the Mac users who care. I didn't mean that, but it's probably completely and utterly true anyway. 


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