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Covert Affairs – Houses of the Holly

The show has really come into its own. While it may have taken a couple months, I can now say that I genuinely look forward to every episode. The characters are really starting to come into their own. Before they were archetypical and only average, now they are nuanced, with their desires and faults being shown instead of being hidden. Nearly everyone gives a solid performance.

Annie finds herself back home in DC this week, and for the first time we get to see how the town operates. There is a leak somewhere in the Senate committee that rules over the CIA. The CIA obviously wants to find the leak but are forced to be extra careful as they do not want to make the people who pay them angry. Annie is given the head of the committee because she is the one least likely. From there, the story twists and turns becoming a rather interesting and well developed government plot. Annie has come a long way since she was called up from training camp to the big show and Houses of the Holly shows this transformation to great effect. It is a combination of the big things; confidence in herself and taking bigger risks, and the smaller things; relying on herself more and her helpers less. At one point in the episode she runs point on a CIA sting operation and it is nice to see her do so with no hesitation. It should come as no surprise that she once again saves the day, which begs the question of why does the CIA continue to treat her with kid gloves, but the path she takes to get there is interesting and a testament to her growth both as a spy, and as a character.
Auggie is forced out of her mission because he finds himself on a different, more personal, task. He is running point on a mission in Afghanistan called Operation Goliath. The men he is running Intel for are guys from his old troop before the accident that caused him to lose his sight. He takes this mission on with an even deeper sense of honor and diligence than usual which is something I didn’t think possible. Once again Auggie is presented as a blind man in a believable and, for lack of a better word, ordinary light. The solders he communicates with treat him like a friend and not someone who needs to be babied. I once again applaud the show and Christopher Gorham acting. There is side story dealing with Auggie’s condition and the purposed hesitation of the soldiers, but it is solved rather logically. By the end of the episode you will find yourself happy with how it turns out. The two storylines converge towards the end and it leads to a meaningful and genuinely nice conclusion.  

The show had already turned the corner last week but it once again has gotten better. I’m glad I gave the show a chance and some time to develop.  



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