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Axel Alonso started at DC comics and was recently promoted to editor-in-chief at Marvel.  He’s been working in the comics industry for 15 years.  Before he entered the comic book industry Alonso worked as a magazine editor and journalist. Axel Alonso is most well known for his work as an editor at DC comics, where he had his first job involving the comic book industry. He started working there in 1994 until the year 2000 when he switched over to Marvel.  While at DC Axel edited various titles published in collision with DC and Vertigo including Animal Man, Preacher and Hellblazer.  His first two published works for DC (Animal Man #73 and Doom Patrol #80) came out in July of 1994. Axel Alonso became a senior editor at Marvel after finishing his six year stint at DC and edited books related to both Spider-man and X-Men. Alonso was responsible for the X-Men being moved to the Bay Area in San Francisco, his hometown.  The first work he had published at Marvel was a trade paperback that collected issues #30-32 of Amazing Spider-man.  He also wrote the 2007 Spider-Man: One More Day Sketchbook and edited the Marvel Knights line.  Marvel Knights logo featuring DaredevilThe Marvel Knight’s line is an imprint from Marvel which contained themes intended for teenagers rather then children.  Alonso praised the Marvel Knight’s comic line to CBR "Because the stories don't need to be woven into the fabric of what's currently going on in the Marvel Universe, creators can take their stories into territory that they couldn't if they had to reconcile them against the larger backdrop of continuity. So there's more freedom. The writer and artist are freer to interpret the character, push the limits of their flaws, their neuroses, and their heroism (quote from Alonso to CBR news)…” Alonso has also edited titles from Marvel MAX, a trade name for Marvel comics that was aimed at adult audiences that started in 2001 when Marvel created its own rating system and broke away from the Comics Code Authority, most notably the Punisher.    Alonso has received the Eagle Award for favorite comics editor three times; once in 2004, another in 2006, and then again in 2010, the same year he was promoted to executive editor at Marvel.  He became editor-in-chief at Marvel on January 4th, 2011, replacing Joe Quesada.  Now with even more power to play with his creativity at his fingertips, it’s going to be an interesting year with Alonso at the helm of Marvel Comics.  Hopefully he remembers the old saying “With great power comes great responsibility.”      Axel Alonso in front of Marvel billboard. For a full list of the series Alonso has written, inked or edited check out The Comic Book Database.   


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An all-around nerdette, I’m a comic book connoisseur, horror aficionado, video game addict, anime enthusiast and an aspiring novelist/comic book writer. I am the head of the comic book department and the editor-in-chief of Entertainment Fuse. I also write and edit articles for Comic Frontline. I am also an intern at Action Lab Entertainment, a comic book publisher at which I edit comic book scripts, help work on images in solicitations and help with other comic book related project. My own personal website is comicmaven.com.

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