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Creators of ‘Robot Chicken’ Produce Series for YouTube

Seth Green and Matthew Senreich are taking to the internet for their next series. Stoopid Monkey (also the name of the pair's production company) will incorporate real people in live action as they interact with the stop-motion created titular character and his two companions, Biggie and QT. The series premieres via YouTube on July 15, with two new episodes being released each Friday for the following ten weeks.

The duo's first series, Robot Chicken, has garnered critical and commercial success for Adult Swim during its five season run, with now a sixth season planned. In 2007 it was the highest rated original program on Cartoon Network's late-night schedule, thanks in part to the slew of talented guest stars the show attracts. Green and Senreich are also coming off an Emmy win from last year in Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program for Robot Chicken's "Full-Assed Christmas Special.” YouTube is now looking to cash in on that success with the new series.

Buddy System Studios is providing the animation, as well as the directors for the series in David Brooks, John Harvatine IV, and Eric Towner. Penning the sketch shorts is Matthew Beans, who also serves as producer along with Terence Liff, Nakia Trower-Shuman, and Steve Tzirlin. Joe Kavanaugh of Mattel brand action-figure fame is also working on the series.


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