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Criminal Macabre Comes to Dark Horse Presents

A lot of great Criminal Macabre announcements this week. First it was the dual omnibus' and now it's that Criminal Macabre will be appearing in Dark Horse Presents. If you're into the series or just starting off this will be a good jumping on point.

In celebration of the triumphant return of our flagship title, Dark Horse Presents, we announce another classic comeback: comics’ favorite alcoholic supernatural detective, Cal McDonald!

Following up on yesterday’s announcement of two omnibus collections of all of the previously published Criminal Macabre material, we announce that Cal McDonald will appear in issue #4 of Dark Horse Presents!
While “Die Die My Darling” starts out as many of Cal’s recent adventures dofinding our “hero” at odds with his ghoulish sidekick, Mo’Lockthings are far from ordinary on this quiet night in Los Angeles. After a mysterious man unbuttons his coat and offers the duo a case, it becomes apparent that the two will again find themselves caught up in the seedy underworld battling shadowy figures and who knows what else.

“I can’t give away too much, but there are some major shocks coming for Cal fans,” Niles said. “Everything about Cal and his life is about to be whipped into a Hellish frenzy that would have the Devil himself on his heels. Plus it’s gonna be funny and I can’t say enough about Chris and Michelle’s work together. It’s perfect.”

Featuring the new Criminal Macabre creative team of writer Steve Niles and artist Chris Mitten, with colorist Michelle Madsen, this two-part story begins in the fourth issue of Dark Horse Presents, on sale in September.

Fans also have a chance to pick up new Criminal Macabre this weekend in a special standalone story for Free Comic Book Day!


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