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Criterion To Continue Burnout

Good news for you Burnout fans - it looks like the series won't be taken over by another developer any time soon as Criterion have confirmed that they are "not finished" with the series. It was 2008 when a proper Burnout game last hit the market with Burnout Paradise, Burnout Crash then released on XBLA in 2011, but was seen as being a spin-off more than anything. Lately, Criterion have been focusing more on the Need For Speed series, developing Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) and currently working on Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012.)

When asked if the Burnout series has come to an end, Senior Producer of Criterion Matt Webster replied: "No of course not! That's not going anywhere." He then went on to talk about NFS Most Wanted: "It's bigger than (Burnout) Paradise, but it's not necessarily about the square meterage or whatever... there's much more drivable surface in here than we've ever done before though."

So now not only have we got a new NFS to look forward to, but it looks like we can hope for more Burnout too!


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