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Critical Millennium 3 – Review

Thomm and company return to earth for the launch of the space ship that will seek out new planets for the human race to occupy and eventually destroy. Before we get to their landing we are shown a scene from the year before when Thomm sold off his grandfather’s company to pay for the space expedition. It’s a chilling scene in the board room in which the heads of the company tell him he’s ruining a great company. The scene ends with one of the members pulling a gun and shooting himself.

Thomm and Eryc are greeted by press that seem excited about their return, but more excited about Thomm's pop-star girlfriends return from tour. The two men ditch the press and meet latter at a bar in the “ghost” district. Remember this is a world where white people are the minority and are treated like second hand citizens, but they apparently have the best bars. There they are confronted by an ex-board member that attacks Thomm. Eryc defends him by smashing the man with a chair until the two can escape.

Critical Millennium 3 CoverTo promote their space adventure and recruit travelers on their ship the two go on a popular game show, “You Lose, You Die.” There they are put up against a member of the Prime Minister’s office that is there to remind the audience that Thomm is foolish and no one should listen to him. None of this can slow Thomm down though, he pushes through because he believes he can save humanity. He looses on the game show, but manages to keep his life.

The intensity of the issue comes when a group of Ghost rebels infiltrate the training station to sabotage the ship and the program. A shoot out erupts as the rebels try to leave causing casualties on both sides. The Ghosts promote one of their survivors and send him on yet another mission to sabotage the space program.

The issue doesn’t have a lot of action with the exception of a two scenes. For the most part it develops the characters and the plot of the next issue. If it wasn’t clear before that the Prime Minister is evil and against Thomm it should be in this issue.

Overall this issue is good, but you need to have read the first two issues for this one to be any good. The two action scenes in this book do fill up quite a bit of the page count, but are very relevant to the story. I would have to say that the book needs to get into space already; otherwise you risk the readers forgetting about the events of the first issue. Still a good series, but this issue needed to get to space a faster.

Story – 8.0

Plot – 8.0

Art – 8.0

Color – 9.0

Overall – 8.3



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