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Cryptic Screenshots Herald Bizarre New Game

Polish developer Flying Wild Hog is teasing a new shooter, exclusive to PC, that appears to have... Robots! And the future. And... Well, there isn't a lot to go on. But so far, the concept art featured on their site looks amazing. While this isn't exactly an indictation of definite things to come, the released teaser screenshot looks great, and seems to hint at a little open world cyber punk style gameplay, or at least a world that is thematically matched to that sort of thing.

If other games released from the same region are any indication, this game will be nothing short of awesome. Other games from this part of the world include The Witcher (and The Witcher 2, of course) by CD Projekt Red, and Anomaly Warzone Earth by 11 bit studios. Considering the Witcher's overall quality and success, all bets are off.

All is speculation at this point, but the speculation train always goes full steam ahead, and more information will hopefully be available soon. If I were to place my own bet on it, the game looks like a cross between Deus Ex's cyberpunk city style, with a little bit of Half-Life's sterile, spooky environment. More news will surely come of this, and you bet we'll be covering it.


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