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Crysis 2 Demo Coming To PC

Finally!  The original Crysis was a PC exclusive and it's a big enough insult that the sequel is going to be released on consoles at all, but EA threw a little salt into that would by releasing the demo on consoles first.  Well, on March 1st, PC gamers will at last be allowed to try out the new Crysis on our rigs with a multiplayer demo of our own.

The demo will give players access to two maps and two gameplay modes for six versus six matches.  The maps include Skyline which is set in skyscrapers, and rooftops, while Pier 17 is an open environment with limited cover.  The modes are Instant Action which is a form of team deathmatch, and Crash Site will have teams defending strategic locations on the map.
EA has also announced that pre-ordering Crysis 2 will automatically upgrade buyers to the Limited Edition which provides several in-game bonuses like weapon upgrades, a unique collectible, and a pile of Bonus XP so that Limited Edition owners start out with early access to multiplayer loadouts.

Crysis 2 comes out on PC and consoles on March 22nd.  Check back here for Player Affinity's review, and take a look at our hand-on preview based on the multiplayer demo of the console version.. 


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