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Crysis 2’s Ambitious Writer

As far as anyone was concerned, Crysis wasn't exactly known for it's story. It was known for it's graphics first and gameplay second. Story didn't really enter that equation, even though it was passable. Now that Crysis 2 is due this holiday season, Crytek has hired a fiction novelist named Richard Morgan to work on the game's story. VG247 did an interview with him, and here are the interview's high points:

- Story is becoming more and more important in the video game industry, and players are starting to notice when a story is crap.

- As for himself, Richard Morgan does not like to play games for longer than a few hours if there's no story to compel him.

- If a game does not have story, then it should be multiplayer, but if it's singleplayer, there should be story.

- Sequels shouldn't be more of the same, they should be great due to how different they are from the original.

Richard Morgan has also made statements about how Modern Warfare 2 was such a disappointment for him in story, and how Uncharted 2 is a shining example of game stories. He seems like an opinionated guy, and whether Crysis 2's story will be any good or not will test the merits of what he's saying. 


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