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Crysis 3 Single Player Trailer Coming Soon

Crysis was a huge hit for PC gamers back in 2007, notably for the intense graphics that brought the average gaming PC to its knees. I remember spending £1500+ just to get my machine to play Crysis with 60+ FPS back in the day! In 2011 it got a port over to the console market, including the Xbox 360. Now that the franchise is universal to most current machines it has been extremely prosperous, seeing the release of two more games to the series; Crysis Warhead and Crysis 2. Now we readily look forward to the third installment.
Crytek has announced that an interactive trailer for Crysis 3′s single player campaign will be released next week. According to the company, in Crysis 3 your decisions will matter and that the upcoming interactive trailer will let you see just some of the  ways you can kill your opposition. As soon as the trailer is up online, rest assured Player Affinity will have the video details and all of the latest news about Crysis 3!
For now though, enjoy its E3 2012 trailer!


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